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I’ve thought long and hard about writing this entry. I actually had one of those nights where I kept turning over coz I was still thinking about it when I went to bed at midnight last night. It’s not because I’m afraid of what people might think of me. If you’ve been reading my blog for years now, or even just a few months I think you can pretty much assume I don’t care. I’ve gotten e-mails and I’ve taken the bait and stooped to their levels because well, it’s fun and wicked. And that’s me, a happy go lucky Momma who talks and acts from her heart. Like I’ve always said, I have a big mouth. Not the typical subservient Filipina, and Momma at that. Like it or Not, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Well I might for one night coz it means I just lost another reader of my blog/s 😉

Anyway, after all that long winded introduction, here’s what I really want to talk about. Eversince Virginia Tech happened, I’ve seen a lot of sites where people kept throwing the word “Christians” all too callously. It has bothered me. I’ve read one where someone said, “oh they do their Bible studies, and attend services yet they don’t really do anything outside their Church“. I wanted to respond so badly with, “really? do you really know what they do 24/7 of their lives?” Seriously? Ok, here comes the reasons why I thought hard about writing this particular entry. I don’t feel comfortable talking about the good things my family and I do. Meaning, charities and the sorts. Secondly, I don’t like shoving my spiritual beliefs on people. Yes I’ve said I’m a Christian(refer to my ABOUT ME bit) but that’s pretty much the extent of what I’ve done plus a few Bible passages here and there. Now the other reason I didn’t respond to that person’s unfounded and obviously ignorant claim is because I was getting impatient with the comment box to load. Blogspot sucks sometimes. So now you all have to suffer coz I’m doing my responding here in my own blog. The space I pay for every month. The place in the WWW where I call my own(except the government is probably reading it too..LOL).

My family’s Church does a lot of things. Here are a few examples on top of my head right now.

Remember my breastfeeding mishap story last November? The BBQ benifit mentioned there was for a guy’s surgery expenses. My husband and I volunteered and also bought our lunch and dinner to raise money for his hospital bills. I believe our Church raised about $6000.

Last Christmas, we all pitched in with money, canned goods and gifts to give to a family who couldn’t afford the holidays. The husband lost his job 3 weeks before Christmas.

In January, we also raised money to donate to a Cancer Relay not to mention some of our patrons participated in the run.

In February, our Church collected clothes and canned goods to send to the people in Florida who was very much affected by the current hurricane disasters. My family alone had bags after bags to give away. We had too much that we had plenty to drop at the Salvation Army which we always do anyway.

and so on and so forth…………..

My point is, just because we have Bible studies or that we have services afterwards, that doesn’t mean we’re all confined to just that. We do things outside our Church. Instead of criticizing, maybe you should look into it. When there is a sick member of a Church community who do you think go out of their way to make sure that person’s family is taken cared off? Potlucks after potlucks that way they have food to eat. The children are being watched over. A fraction of the hospital bill is covered. Stuff like that. We apply what we learn from our Bible studies. My family is very lucky to have found a place where we are accepted for who we are.

Again, I’m not trying to be hoighty tighty here. That’s far from who I am. Nor am I trying to shove my spirituality on you. But please before you start making assumptions on what Christianity is all about, you might want to think first. This my friend is coming from a born, bred and raised Catholic. That’s not the denomination my family and I go to but that doesn’t mean we are better than them. As a matter of fact, that’s probably the Church we will be attending when we visit Philippines. It’s my Mom’s religion. The beautiful thing is, our Pastor knows it and he has no problem whatsoever. That’s how, dare I say it, COOL we are 🙂 .

Like our Pastor said, “it doesn’t matter what denomination you are in, it’s about doing what is RIGHT in the name of the Lord“.


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