PMN Fam Pics 1 : GLOSSY Topped Cupcakes

Pinoy Moms Network where I am proud to be a part of as one of it’s Filipina Mommy bloggers and the Section Editor for Lifestyle and Fashion has introduced the Fam-Pics Feature. For the 1st theme, we are posting pictures that represents “glossy”. I couldn’t decide which picture to submit until I read Connie‘s entry wherein she featured an egg pie and a caramel cake (and a family car) as her interpretations for this week’s theme. I remembered the yellow butter cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and oh so beautiful and shiny decorations on top that I made months ago.


The whipped cream cheese frosting topped with stylish and shiny assorted decorations on these cupcakes would make any sane person lick those glossies up with much gusto. My family and I sure did when I made these ๐Ÿ™‚

PMN Fam Pics Participants:

  1. Glossy Writing Table by Noemi
  2. Glossy Appeal by Rachel
  3. Attack II by Leah
  4. Glossy by raqgold
  5. PMN Fam Pics Series 1 : GLOSSY by Cookie de Guzman-Lugue (Kongkong622)
  6. GlossyMonday–My World Turning Upside Down by Sexy Mom
  7. Glossy by Mitch
  8. Glossy by Chats (iMom)
  9. Glossy Apple Cheeks by Analyse
  10. PMN Fam Pics, 1st edition: A very glossy story by Connie
  11. Mommy’s girl by Lady Cess
  12. Glossy from the garden by KK
  13. Glossy Plastic Covers by Feng

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