My Take On This Desperate Housewives Shenanigans

desperate_housewives.jpgOk, so I watched the season premiere of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES last Sunday while switching back and forth to the finale of Rock of Love. Anyway, the scene was, Susan was waiting for her OB/GYN except he’s not around so the nurse informed her of a new one. Susan, not wanting to have a new Doctor examining her, as clumsy and ditzy as she always is, uttered one of the most stupid lines yet apropos to who she is, “…he’s not a graduate of some Philippine Med School

When I heard that I thought it wasn’t funny at all BUT as a Filipina, was I insulted? NO. I don’t mean to be insensitive to the Doctors, Nurses and practitioners from the Philippines or Philippines Medical whatever. I checked my e-mail yesterday and BAMM, there was a request of banning the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, calling the government for some help, citing the oh so tired issue of Claire Danes movies banned in the Philippines for making an arrogant comment eons of years ago. I have my own opinion on the matter but I’ll just stick to the Desperate Housewives issue.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. A lot of bloggers have pointed out the validity of diplomas and the Nursing fiasco that happened last year. So I won’t touch that anymore. Instead, I’ll point out like I’ve pointed out on some blogs, the way Americans and other races have been made fun of. By us, or by anyone. Desperate Housewives is a TV show. The lines uttered there every Sunday are fiction. They’re stupid yet funny. They’re for laughs. Jay Leno makes fun of everybody. David Letterman take potshots at everyone. And it’s not fiction. I’ve read bloggers condescendingly judge Americans. Some have even proclaimed their hatred to Americans. I’ve ignored those coz that’s their opinion. I’m married to an American. I socialize with Americans. So I know better. Just because one American is a certain way, that doesn’t mean all of them are. Same goes with Filipinos. Fiction or not.

Now let me ask you guys, how many times have the Philippines Movie industry generalized Americans or Filipino-American kids? It’s so warped and misinformed. Not all Fil-Am kids are spoiled brats wannabes. Some of us, yes, has had jobs since we were 16. We don’t act all “maarte” or the “evil sister who grew up in America out to steal your Jericho or Piolo” as the Filipino movies have portrayed us.

We can’t always start a cause without looking at every side. Susan from Wisteria Lane is a ditzy, clumsy, sometimes ignorant, impulsive, 40-something Desperate Housewife. Making sure her new Doctor is not a graduate from “some” Philippine Medical School”, is exactly the kind of things she would say.

If everyone paid attention to the show’s ending then they’ll realize that her American OB/GYN who grauated from Harvard made a mistake in his findings. Susan is not on the verge of Menopause as he told her at her appointment. She’s actually pregnant. Do you see the irony of that scene at all?

So let’s not be too hasty on asking the Government to ban another American or American show. Please, don’t ruin it for all of us who just wants to be couch potatoes and laugh at 5 Desperate Housewives from Wisteria Lane. I think we’re all smart enough to know the whole process behind the “Philippines Medical School”. Just like we’re all smart to know that those characters on another show called HEROES don’t really have those amazing kick-ass powers. Eh?. Let’s instead think about whether Mike is Susan’s babydaddy or the British jilted ex-fiancee? Coz that pregnancy was a little too fast IMO. I bet that’s the twist of the story. Just another day in Susan’s clumsy, ditzy yet supposedly adorable world.

If Male OB/GYN finds out, well they do now, that I prefer Women OB/GYN’s would they be knocking on my door with their signs, calling me a sexist? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I doubt it.

THE END…………….


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