Pork Adobo


I’ve cooked, and posted pork adobo, in many ways and many many times but since I keep moving servers, changing domains and lazy to save archives, here is another post of my favorite Filipino dish, Pork Adobo.

I’m just going to repost the chicken adobo recipe after the jump since I cook it the same way anyway. I just change the meat. Unless I’m using a crockpot to turn pork ribs to the most flavorful pork adobo ever. That’s another post sometime.

In a pot, heat a little bit of oil, add the pork pieces and brown slightly. Add water, enough to cover the pork, or maybe 3/4. Season with soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, the chopped garlic and ginger. Cover then simmer until the meat are tender. Stirring it a few times while simmering. Before the sauce is completely thickened, add the cubed potatoes. Cover and let the potatoes cook. Fight the urge to open the pot. Maybe just once to stir but don’t open it too many times coz this will turn the potatoes into mush. You want to maintain the shape and texture of the potatoes.

Once the potatoes are fork tender then everything is all ready for dining :). Perfect with steamed white rice.


I almost forgot to take a picture of the dish. That’s why the post is almost gone..LOL. Thank goodness I remembered before everyone went for seconds 🙂

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