7 Red Things At Home


I saw this 7 Red Things At Home photoblog meme at Shai’s Studio. Even though she didn’t tag me to do it, I’m doing it because it’s such a neat idea. I’m whiney when it comes to blog meme tags but there are some that I like, 7 Red Things At Home is one of them.


So what are these 7 red things

  1. Day Planner/Address Book  — I’ve had this for almost 10 years. I pretty much just refill it after each year. Speaking of, I need to get 2010 fillers.
  2. Silk Red Roses – Hubs and I made a pact years and years ago that instead of fresh roses on Valentine’s Day that will die after a week or so, he’ll give me a silk rose instead. This way I’ll have them forever and the silk roses will accumulate through the years.
  3. Music Pod – Some kind of a music control thingamajig that Hubs uses when he’s recording or jamming with his guitars.
  4. Encyclopedia – The 1st part of our Encyclopedia series. These, along with 2 other sets of books are the heaviest to carry when moving. Every time we move I cuss at them for being so heavy but could never find the courage to take them to Salvation Army. They might be annoying come moving time but who’s stupid enough to get rid of a set of Encyclopedia?
  5. Tickle Me Elmo – This was my son’s toy when he was little and obsessed with everything Sesame Street. Tickle Me Elmo was the hottest thing years ago. Some people have been hurt in stores trying to get one of this. Now the baby girl has inherited it, along with other Sesame Street collectibles.
  6. Red Boots – Emma’s red patent boots. Saw ‘em and I couldn’t think of an excuse not to buy a pair.
  7. Red Gladiator Strappy Pumps – Hot and sexy, and well, you can’t be a shoeholic without a pair (or 2 or 3, hehe) of red hot shoes.

The second rule of the meme is to tag 7 people. Even though I wasn’t technically tagged, I would like to see what 7 Red Things At Home my friends have. So I’m tagging Ces, Imom, PinayHekmi, Teacher Julie, Rhea Mae, Rachel, and MrsG.


Hmmm, I think I want to do a 8 Blue Things photo meme… 🙂


PS: If you post your 7 Red Things At Home on your Facebook, please don’t link to THIS blog. Thanks!


PS2: Star, you’re busy moving so I figured you didn’t need another task but feel free to do so 😉


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