Fun At The Marbles Kids Museum

Marbles Kids Museum

Marbles Kids Museum

Saturday was family day. It’s the first full weekend that my husband is off from work. Ever since he started his new job, he hasn’t had a weekend off until this weekend. Anyhooo, our agenda was to brave the downtown Raleigh and check out the museums that the capital of North Carolina has. We initially just planned on going to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences but while searching for the place we saw the signs for Marbles Kids Museum. We decided to check it out first and see what they’ve got to offer. Since we’re in downtown Raleigh, it was a pain to navigate the area to look for parking spots but we found one. We had to pay but it wasn’t that bad.

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We paid $20 for 4 people to enjoy Marbles Kids Museum. It’s more like a huge Discovery Zone or an indoor playground really. It’s good for toddlers, pre-schoolers and Kindergartens. There are stuff for kids too but not that many and nothing educational. In any case, it was definitely Emma Lyn’s milieu. She had a wonderful time. She got so tired from going through everything that she was soooo good by the time we got to the Natural Sciences Museum. Even though we kinda breezed through the place ‘coz we got there about an hour and a half before closing time, Emma just sat in her stroller and did not throw a fit at all. She had her own fun time at the Kids Museum so she let us enjoy the Natural Sciences museum peacefully.

We plan on going back to the Natural Sciences again coz we missed a few spots which were already closed like the butterfly place but we’ll definitely take Emma to the Kids Museum first and foremost. We’ll just have to get there early so we’ll have longer time to peruse everything on the agenda.

PS: Another slideshow from the Natural Sciences is in the works.

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