We Got The Weekends Back

07hubs_me_01_drunk When my husband started his new job back in January of this year our schedule got disrupted. No more weekends for the family. His schedule was so much different compared to his previous job. It actually reminded me of his Army days but at least he had a lot of weekends off. Just that in the military, the soldiers are pretty much just on call everyday. So we had to get used to not having Daddy home on the weekends. The weekday schedule was something we had to get used to as well coz the past 5pm home time became almost 8pm. Our dinner time changed as well. I fed the children the usual 5:30pm or 6pm time but I waited for my husband to get home so he and I could eat together. There were days when I ate with the kids because I was really famished and couldn’t wait any longer.


Anyhooo, the Hubster is currently in training to be a Correctional Officer as part of his job so his schedule changed again. He is now usually home by 6pm and he’s got his weekends off back. Wednesday is the only different one because the training is in a shooting range nearby so he is able to come for lunch, go back to training, come home for dinner, then go back to training again, then be home at about 9pm. Nevertheless, we’re happy that he has weekends off again. We get to do more of our family bonding time, he was able to help me with the Yard Sale, and of course, more time with the kids and me 🙂 . Not that he needs any extenze but hectic schedule, work stress, and just the daily grind take a toll in the relationship sometime so couples should really find that balance to be able to maintain a happy and stable marriage. The weekends off sure helps a lot. We’ll just have to deal with the days when he’s done with the training and have to cope with a new schedule. I’m sure we’ll all be fine 🙂 .

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