She’s 4 Today

My daughter turns 4 years old today. How time flies, no? Some of you have known her since the day she was born so you’ve pretty much watched her grow. 4 years old, so that means we’ve got year to go  then we can start planning our Orlando vacations. Yeah, we’re waiting for that age where she’s tall enough to go on more than 3 rides in Disneyworld, hehe. I mean if we’re gonna visit Mickey and Minnie in Florida, it better be worth our trip and money, right? However, I’m not saying that I’m going to say no if someone gave me an all-expense paid 2-week vacation right now. Of course I’d take it in a heartbeat. The chances of that happening though is zilch so we’re gonna have to wait when she turns 5.


To celebrate this 4th birthday, we had the usual birthday cake, ice cream and gifts. She loves fashion, Sesame Street, Care Bears and Disney Princesses. Right now she’s really into Princess Tiana from Princess & The Frog so we got that cake for her. She pretty much knows all the words and songs from the movie. She also loves saying purple and green so everything just meshed together. I have loads of pictures and even took a video so I’ll post that sometime this week. 🙂

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