1st Progress Report Is Out For 7th Grade

caine-sept26 It looks like our red led christmas lights are going to be shining bright for Caine this year. His 1st Progress Report came out yesterday and he did better that expected. I said the latter because we just moved so he’s in a new school and in 7th grade. That’s a lot of pressure for any kid in school. Before school started, we had an agreement that he’d finally get the cell phone he’s been asking us since 6th grade in one condition. He makes it to Top 10 of his class. We know he’s very much capable of being on Top 5 but like I said, he’s in a new school and 6th grade was a little touch and go until the last quarter. We didn’t want to put too much pressure on him so Top 10 was the deal.


He told us he’ll shoot for Top 5. So we said, hey, if you could do it, go for it. He brought home his progress report yesterday and we were very impressed. In my mind I keep saying, “My whiz kid is BACK?” See, he was in Advance program since 2nd grade to 4th grade. I said NO when he was in Kindergarten and 1st grade. In the middle of 4th grade, he got bored so he started losing focus on his regular classes. We decided to get him out of the Advance program so he could concentrate more on his grade. He graduated 4th grade With Honors. 5th grade went by ok. 6th grade was a new school again. He had a little bit of trouble here. We didn’t like his Teachers either. But Lo and Behold, he got an award in Math in the end.


I guess the cell phone is a good incentive coz his first 7thGrade report is remarkable. Language Arts (85), Math(93), Science(97.5), Health & PE(90), Visual Arts(99). He wants that cell phone real bad, no? During dinner, he hit us up with Nintendo DS for Christmas. I think that’s a reasonable request as long as he keeps his grades up like that. Interestingly enough, during our meeting with his Teacher weeks ago she asked us about putting Caine in Advance Program. Without batting an eyelash my husband and I quickly said NO, 😆 . We know our son is smart but he has a problem in multitasking and focusing unlike his Mother who happens to loathe Math and terrible in Arts which he excels at. FIGURES, right?

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