Christmas Cards Tree

I’ve come to realize that I’d have a better chance finding an acne cream in this house than the crystal seahorse ornament for the Christmas Tree. I can’t think of any other place where it could be at this point. My husband said it’s around here somewhere. Yeah, that’s helping with my frustration.

But I digress.

I actually want to show my Christmas Cards Tree. I’ve always incorporated the Christmas cards that we receive from family and friends in my Christmas decorations ever year. I’ve had them in an arch-like style for years back in New York and even in the 2 previous houses we’ve lived in here in NC. I couldn’t do the same in this new house but I created something much better.


I have this tree plant standing in the left corner of the living room. I decided to wrap a single-strand red beads around it then carefully placed old Christmas cards all around. I think it looks nice. My son thought it’s pretty cool.



I love it. There are trees on each corner of the living room. The right side is the Christmas tree. So if you have a similar tree plant in your house, turn it into a Christmas Cards Tree with all the Christmas cards from family and friends that you’ll be getting this year. Make sure to have scotch tape ready to help the cards stay steady on the tree.

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