2010 Christmas Card “Pictorial” Outtakes

There’s a reason why I prefer taking pictures of my children for our Christmas card. It’s such a long process that I don’t want any “professional” photographers from Wal-Mart or Sears to be subjected to. Plus it’s expensive and if you don’t opt for certain things, you’ll end up with a picture that shows every wrinkle, dirt and whatever else is in your face. Then you’ll have to spend hours trying to pick THE best picture out of 30 that they’re going to try their best to sell you even though you’ve pointed out before the session started that you really only want the $9.99 special. AND, you wouldn’t have the outtakes.

I am not a professional photographer nor do I know all the nitty gritty of dSLR photography but by the grace of God, I am able to take a few options without leaving a store feeling humiliated. Plus I’m saving a lot of money. This year’s session was done in 3 installments which I’ve anticipated all along. It started at 7pm, stopped in between to convince the little girl, then back at it again at 8pm with all sorts of props that she just wanted to be a part of the photos. There were lollipop, her favorite pillow, and a sugar cookie.



By 9:40pm I finally got the shot I wanted for the card. Thank goodness coz by 9, I‘ve accepted that I’d have to do a lot of photoshopping. At the very end, my children cooperated. To think I planned this at 4pm. That’s after school, and a trip to Fantastic Sams. But the girl was not having it. We heard “leave me a-wooonnneeee” quite a few times. Then after all the crying, she took a nap. Then we ate dinner, then more crying. When he was smiling, she wasn’t. When she was smiling, he was looking at something else. Like I said, it was a really long process.

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