No Camera Allowed

After Emma Lyn ate a bowl of Fruit Loops, then chugged the milk down for breakfast, she led me to her room to read her a book of Elmo telling a story of his favorite colors. They of course consist of red, yellow, orange, purple and blue. After that book, she pretty much just kicked me out of her room so she could read alone in silence. I understood. I’m a bookworm myself and I prefer reading in a quiet environment.


But I just  had to sneak in to take pictures. I just love how she crosses her legs and buries herself in the pages of her books. She had to leave the door open of the middle drawer of her bed for easy access.


I got caught eventually. I could feel her eyes piercing at me. I left after this shot to respect her privacy with her books. Wondering what treasures are in the left and right drawers? They’re right here!!

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