Motherhood & Burnt Cookies


Years ago I learned what the “Burnt Toast” philosophy is when Teri Hatcher was promoting her book, Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life”. The realization was loud and clear that YES, I do burn some toasts and because I hate wasting anything, I’d brush that black stuff out, spread either butter or jam, then eat it while the rest of the family gets the best toasts. I am not really sure where Teri said this (might be on Oprah), but I completely agreed with her that yah know, we should stop that. Why can’t we have the best toast just like everybody else? It’s of course a metaphor for pretty much every “martyr” acts we do for our loved one’s sake. And Mothers are usually the ones in the forefront. We’re not gullible, we’re just instinctively nurturers.

Having said all that, and standing strong in supporting the No More Burnt Toasts movement (if there is one), I admit that I’ve moved on from burnt toasts to burnt cookies. See, not all my chocolate chip cookies are perfectly cooked. The first batch is usually burnt due to the preheating of the oven. So by the time I bake the first batch the oven is too hot, hence making the 10-12 minutes cooking time too long. But I always forget that so I end up with burnt cookies all the time.

I know I should throw the burnt cookies away but with this economy, and my frugal upbringing, I just don’t. I save ‘em for myself. I put them at the very bottom of the cookie jar then place the good cookies on top so my family could easily reach for them while I have to dig all the way down for the burnt cookies. I would dip the burnt cookies in a glass of milk to remove the bitterness and make ‘em soft.

I’m not being a martyr or hoping to get the Mother Of The Year award. And like I intimated in the beginning, I do believe in not perpetuating the no more burnt toast philosophy. But like I also said, economy sucks and I’m naturally a cheapskate so if I could save a little bit of money by eating the burnt cookies so my kids could have the best ones, guess what? I’d proudly dip those burnt cookies in milk, eat the bitter and slightly soggy cookies, then drink my milk afterwards.

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