It Was A Beautiful Yard Sale Day

I actually woke up at 3:30am even though the alarm wasn’t set until 5:30am. I wasn’t at all excited about the Yard Sale, nor was I anxious either. I wasn’t thinking about the supposed End Of The World  day at all. I was just hungry.. LOL. In between sighing and turning and flipping, my husband got worried and asked what was wrong with me. So I said I couldn’t sleep and I was really hungry. He told me to go eat. Yeah, ok, at almost 4am, I’m gonna go in the kitchen and raid the fridge for leftovers. No Thanks. I’d rather keep turning and sigh about my grumbling stomach. I did that for another 30 minutes then just got up and went about picking up stuff in the living room, got online, then got ready for the Yard Sale. I went out in the driveway and started taking bins and boxes out to lay ‘em out for the sale.

We officially “opened” at 7am. We didn’t know that in this town, people are not out for Yard Sale until about 9am. But we got a few early birds because of our signs and announcement in craiglist and local site. We found out from 2 old ladies that there was actually some kind of community Yard Sale near the plaza and it wasn’t starting until 9am. Scott and I got kinda worried that our location was a little private for anyone to visit. Still though, we got some people who drove by, and some who actually stopped and got out of their cars to look and bought stuff.

A neighbor came by and was nice enough to let us use his backyard which is conveniently adjacent to the highway. We were in the process of packing stuff up to bring over there but then people arrived and pretty much cleaned us out. If I was selling an old and discolored spa covers, they probably would’ve bought that too. The only things left by then were just kids clothes, shoes and few miscellaneous items. We decided to just stay in our own driveway and just stick it out for a few more hours. We got our last costumer about 1pm. We packed what little we have left then closed our Yard Sale after that. Albeit our obscure location we still made a lot so it was definitely a beautiful yard sale day with a perfect weather to boot.

So perfect that after dinner Hubs and I played badminton in the backyard while the kids played with the neighbor’s grandkids. Hubs drank Heinekin while I downed a couple of Bacardi Mojitos. I played a few more rounds of badminton with my son then the mosquitos started biting me so we all had to go back inside. I really can’t be around mosquitos coz I swell up real bad when bitten.

BTW, one of the first 2 ladies that came by asked me if we have any Care Bears stuff. Oh Boy do we ever. I could’ve made a fortune if I took out Emma’s Care Bears collection to sell. But then again, it would really be the end of the world if Emma woke up and realized that all her Care Bears paraphernalia are gone. I wouldn’t dare find out what she would do to all of us.

Alas, I’m not stupid to do anything drastic like that so the day started good and continued to be a really nice one. I’m thinking if I should have a 4th Mojito. Hmmm, well, it’s Saturday, cheat day, and my husband just answered it for me coz he handed me my 4th one, after asking if I really wanted another one. And I said YES.

Have a good night!!

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