Fortune Cookies AKA Self-Esteem Cookies


I have a habit of saving the fortune cookies messages that we get from eating at any Hibachi restaurant that we’ve been to. My husband actually coined a new name for the fortune cookies. They’re “self-esteem cookies” coz the stuff you’ll find when you break into that famous cookie are very positive and uplifting and nothing at all that would predict your fortune. Things have changed, I guess. The last time I’ve read anything predicting my future was way back in San Diego 14 years ago when Scott and I ate at a Mandarin restaurant. It was actually his fortune cookie where it said, “Today’s something something Is Tomorrow’s Happiness.” I really could not remember what that something something was but I know my husband loved that fortune cookie. If only he was given another cookie to warn him that happiness is accompanied by the proverbial hurdles of marriage but it’s just part of life and things will be alright. Hey, he seems to be ok 14 years into it.

BTW, I found these fortune cookies strips the other day when my daughter dumped the contents of my purse in our bed. Albeit being cynical about the “self-esteem” aspect of the messages, I obviously liked them enough to save ‘em in my purse.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the funny game involving fortune cookies. Try adding “in bed” at the end of any messages. It’s kinda cool.

I can’t wait to read the next self-esteem, errrmm, I mean fortune the next time we visit the Hibachi restaurant.

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