Christmas Pictures, Day 2

Yesterday was supposed to be the kids “pictorial” day for our Christmas card this year,. I’ve had everything set up. The Christmas Tree as the background, and they were both all dressed up. However, I was only able to take pictures of Caine. I have a lot of solo pictures of him. Emma Lyn on the hand, NADA.

Today is a different scenario though, well slightly. Emma is wearing her outfit again and I was able to take solo picture a a few hours ago. But I still can’t get the shot I want. Aaahhhh. What is it that I want anyway? I dunno, Haha.

So we’re here, waiting for Caine to get home from school so maybe, my God please help me, I’ll be able to take a picture of them together. I’m pretty sure after taking 100 shots, I’ll have 2-3 good ones that I could possibly use for our Christmas card. No wonder professional photography is expensive, Haha!


Here’s Emma doing the robot dance.. LOL. She’s cute 🙂

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