3rd Week Of January

I can’t believe it’s the 3rd week of January. So what have you guys accomplished this first month of 2012? Have you given up on your New Year’s resolution? Did you know that the 2nd week of January is supposedly the time when most people give up on their resolutions? I was a little miffed at that “statistics” last week coz I kinda did gave up on mine for 3 days. but that’s only because I had tooth extraction and my husband suggested I should probably take it easy with my workout. My Dentist didn’t mention anything though but then again I never asked. All he said was my mouth will be tender for a couple of days but I should be fine. And I was fine. Shoot, my face was numb for hours. It was awesome.

Anyhooo, accomplishments for this month? Well, nothing biggie besides getting that tooth out that has bugged me for 8 years, really. I was so afraid of Dentists that I endured the pain that would come in 1 week every month. But that’s done and over with. My husband and I high-five each other on our drive home then I posted in Facebook and Twitter that I ♥ my Dentist, Haha. I’ve also finally decided to organize my stuff for going back to school. It’ll be an online program so everything is cool. I got my hair cut. It’s layered and shorter. I wanted to go shorter actually but I chickened out in the end and kept it a little bit longer than shoulder length. Hmm, what else? I learned what Ordinateurs are. Does that count?

Well, that’s about it for now. Oh wait, I finished the 3 seasons of united States of Tara today thanks to Netflix which I started last Friday. Yup, I lead a weird and boring life. How’s Yours?

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