Thank You Cards By Dexie Jane

I made these 2 thank you cards last Friday night. Actually, Friday night all the way to Saturday early morning. I started at about 10pm and finished cleaning up my craft mess(worthy of calling cleaning services cary nc) by midnight. I’ve been in my crafting mode lately and ideas come in during weird hours. I was watching a movie on Showtime so I figured I’d put my couch potato behind to work. I’m a multi-tasker like that. I probably would’ve finished earlier than midnight but my Cricut keeps tearing up the paper when cutting the letters. It wasn’t until after 5 papers got into the trash bin when I realized, hmmm, maybe I should adjust the needle. DO’HHHHHH!

I used this pink floral in black canvas paper which I bought a few years ago at a Scarpbook store in Goldsboro. That place is like heaven. If I remember it right, this paper is $3. I bought it hesitantly coz it’s expensive in my opinion but I couldn’t put it down coz I really wanted to use it for making cards. A few years later, I’ve finally created the cards and 2 special people are going to receive them. YAY!

Here’s the Cricut doing it’s thang, cutting the word “thanks.” I used the Opposites Attract cartridge.

I cut different styles of “thanks” to test in the card. I liked the script style but didn’t use it for these cards. I’ll save them for future ones. The zipper in the tools pocket is broken. Someone played with it years ago, yah know, opened and closed it so many times so one day, the zipper just got tired of it and didn’t close. I’m cheap so I’m not buying a new one. I can live with a broken zipper, heh.

Thank You card #1.

Thank You card #2

I think I’ll get a stamp made that says “by dexiejane” for my creations. It would be nice to stamp the back of my homemade cards with it. I’m inspired to make more cards in all kinds. Woohooo!

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