He Went Fishing And He Came Home With These!!!

Last Wednesday night, Scott decided he’d go fishing after work on Thursday night. Actually, he’d been planning it since that Monday. He usually goes fishing with Caine but this time around he decided he wanted to go alone. They went fishing the past week before too but they didn’t come home with anything. The last they they caught a really big one was back in August of 2011. So it went something like this.

Dad: I’m going fishing by myself tomorrow night

Caine: Why?

Mom: Coz he doesn’t love you enough….

Dad: Shut Up Dex!!!

Hahahaha! Yup, Mother of the year, I am NOT! For some reason, the line from a Will Ferrell movie(Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) was in my head so it was the first thing that popped out of my mouth. It’s called sense of humor folks…. or years of therapy for my children. BTW, it was school night :).

Anyhooo, my husband went fishing and after a could of hours he came home, looking despondent telling me that he didn’t catch anything worth keeping when I asked if he caught any, then a few minutes later, he asked me to get the scale and camera to which I keep asking, “Scaling, Why?” It took me a few seconds to realize he wanted a scale AND camera, not scaling. Then I screamed and almost woke the sleeping squirrels outside. I probably did.

He cleaned, gutted, and filleted those catfishes which came out about 60 pounds. I did the last wash, ziplocking, then storing in the fridge. I think we went to bed at about 4am. Then a few hours after that, I made Creole Catfish Nuggets for lunch. DELICIOUS! More catfish recipes will be posted soon in the food blog for sure.

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