Gosh Darn It, Where's The Purple?

We had a bit of a setback here. I didn’t think those eggs were ever going to be dyed tonight and for the love of colorful eggs, how could I have not known that there were no purple tablet in the kit? She’s in a purple fix right now so purple this purple that, “Daddy, where’s my purple crayon”.. purple purple purple.

That’s why her nose in those pictures is too red. She just had to have a breakdown for 30 minutes before we could start. Sure why not. It’s not like I was going anywhere anyway…

At least I was able to set those goodies up while she was taking a nap. The boy went fishing with Dad so I had a quiet moment for an hour or so to stuff the eggs, their basket, and then hide them in the closet before the girl woke up.

Tomorrow, I might make hot cross buns. For Easter Sunday, set the crock-pot up for roast beef dinner before Church, then egg hunting, probably with the neighbors just like last year, and then dinner. Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow so the ground would stay dry after 2 days of rain. I wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend.

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