Our Easter Sunday 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We had a great one in the family. We got up at 7am so we’d make it on time for the 9:30am Church service. It was one of the few times we were actually early for Church. I mean early like we stayed in the car at the parking lot too early. We weren’t rushing like we used to, haha. Progress baby, progress.

After Church, we went home then the kids got their Easter baskets. After a few minutes I gathered everyone outside for Easter Sunday pictures to send my mother-in-law. Since we were all in our Sunday’s best, I told everyone to take a few seconds to smile for Nanny. Then after that, I got the pot roast set up in the crock-pot for our Easter dinner while Daddy scattered the eggs around the yard. I kinda went overboard with the eggs that he almost ran out of place to hide them. Then we went out to hunt the eggs. By God’s graces, we were able to find all the eggs. Then we all got chocolate-coma. Those Cadbury eggs are soooo good. I love those. We also ate some of the dyed boiled eggs that Emma and I made on Saturday night. I can’t remember anything else after that coz I fell asleep in the couch. I woke up just in time for dinner.

The pot roast was so bland actually, HAHA! Thankfully I added potatoes and carrots before falling asleep, but it really needed salt and pepper. The herbs I rubbed the beef with before sticking it into the crock-pot were not enough to flavor the roast. We still enjoyed the dinner though with a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper. For dessert? My children were nice enough to share some of their chocolate loot with me and Daddy so that took care of it.

How was your Easter?

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