Saturday's Dinner. This Is Life

They never had the chance, heh. I got the Spinach & Feta pizza for free from Domino’s Facebook promo. It’s pretty good. I’ll have to write more about it in my foodblog next week. Since I only got 1 free pizza and judging by the pictures and TV commercials I knew the pizza is really not that big, I made pork lo mein to go with it. Here’s a recipe of a beef version of the lo mein. Just replace beef with pork, and use baby carrots instead of broccoli, and add napa cabbage instead of shitake mushrooms.

For dessert, I made flan(no cream cheese). Bear in mind, I made it early on today to cool in the fridge for hours in time for after dinner dessert. Flan is always better after spending time in the fridge.

So what’s your Saturday Dinner?

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