Pasta Maker Convert

What they’ve said about homemade pastas is true. Once you’ve tasted how great it is you’ll forget the store-bought dried pastas. Well, perhaps not completely coz like I told my husband last night after making the fresh fettuccine pasta, I still want my penne and rotini pastas. My husband is amused at how much fun I’m having making spaghetti noodles and the fettuccine for last night’s beef & fettuccine stroganoff dinner. I’ll make lasagna next time, woohooo. It’s a messy process but it’s really fun and I feel accomplished once I put that pasta in my mouth with all its delicious fresh flavor. Check out the process at

PS: the hands in the picture are my husbands. 🙂

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Mother of 2. She drinks a lot of coffee on weekdays and she drinks wine on the weekend. She also eats a lot of chocolate, pork, and sushi.