Thanksgiving Day Recipes

Looking for easy recipes to make for Thanksgiving Day? I’ve curated the recipes from my own Thanksgiving Day Menu throughout the years that I’ve posted in this foodblog for easy access. Just click the links to get the recipes. The print button for each recipe is located underneath the title and in newer posts, it’s also located within the recipe box, top-right.

Appetizers: I don’t spend much time on making appetizers so I can focus on the turkey, side dishes and desserts. I usually just buy a variety of crackers, cheese balls, humus, summer sausage, and shrimp cocktail.


[UPDATE: OCTOBER 2017] For the past couple of years I’ve been doing the injectable marinade for the turkey. It saves time while still giving us a very flavorful and perfectly roasted turkey. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Side Dishes


I’m not suggesting you should make ALL of these for your dinner of course. These are just ideas, unless of course you have a lot of guests coming :).

FOR A TIP: Make the casseroles and desserts the day before. Warm up the casseroles 20-25 minutes before serving. Don’t be shy to ask guests to bring drinks or desserts to make it a potluck affair.

Let me know how your Thanksgiving Day goes if you make any of my recipes. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Everyone!

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