Bi-folding vs. French Doors: Recognise the Differences to Enhance Your Home

Bi-folding and French doors are commonly used interchangeably to describe two distinct door designs. There are stark differences between these doors, so it is vital that the distinctions are made in advance in order to make the best selection to suit your home renovation needs. Just Value Doors offers free estimates and fittings to help you make your final decision.

Bi-folding doors traditionally consist of two panels that are useful in small spaces but allowing for easy access outdoors. However, Just Value Doors has a wide selection of to fit a range of spaces. Our smallest doors consist of two panes, but you may also choose up to seven pane sliding
doors. The entire system is connected to tracks above and below all of the panes, and door slides across when you push or pull the handle. Hinges in between each pane also work to hold the entire door together.

Many homeowners choose multi-panel bi-folding sliders for the back of their dwellings. These provide easy access to lawns, gardens and conservatories. The folds between the panes also create an accordion effect that is aesthetically appealing to many individuals. These folding doors consist of glass panes.

On the other hand, UPVC French doors do not create the same accordion effect because they consist of two separate doors and handles linked together into one system. This creates an immediate walkway when you open the doors, providing easy access to the outdoors. As a bonus, our French doors all contain double glazed UPVC glass. UPVC French doors maximize light flow, yet still minimize energy waste within your home by keeping it insulated. Just Value Doors also offers variations on the basic French door with optional top light and side sash panels. Contact us for a free fitting today and to determine which style is the best for your home.  


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