Everyday Is Valentine’s Day

Or at least it should be. Not to over-commercialized it even more of course but just continue the essence of making everyone we love feel loved, everyday. Having said that, since Feb 14th is the official date of Valentine’s Day, we experience and celebrate it with the rest of the world. We might as well, right? 🙂

I made these cards myself. One for each favorite person in my life. I gave them the usual goodies of course. Daddy added more goodies on the kids’ loot but I  didn’t bother taking pictures of those coz  my hands and mouth were busy eating  chocolates for breakfast :).

The homemade valentine’s day cards with their cheeky dedications. “But I’m your only ___________” is the phrase of the day around here… HAHAHA!

The card and chocolates I received from my dear favorite Valentine of all time. He woke up too early this morning so he was able to read his card before he could lay down the card he got for me in my desk. He went along with my “favorite” cheekiness. He totally gets me :). Chocolates have been deliciously enjoyed by yours truly.

We usually go to a Mexican restaurant for Valentine’s Day with the kids but this year my husband is working and we just don’t want to get into the mix with other V-Day people out and about after he gets home from work. He’ll bring home dinner instead. Kids and I are excited of course.

I hope everyone is having a nice Valentine’s Day or had a nice one at least. Just remember, Everyday is and should be V-Day!

About Dexie J Wharton

Mother of 2. She drinks a lot of coffee on weekdays and she drinks wine on the weekend. She also eats a lot of chocolate, pork, and sushi.