Make Your Child’s Birthday One to Remember with a Bouncy Castle

If your child’s birthday is approaching, you’re probably in the process of trying to organise a celebration. When you have young children, a birthday party can be something they remember for years to come – they might remember their friends singing happy birthday to them as a huge birthday cake is placed in front of them, they might remember struggling to blow out all the candles, opening their presents, the colourful balloons, their friends and family, the laughter, the excitement. With this in mind, there can be a lot of pressure as a parent to hold the party that your child will love.

So far, you may have planned where to buy the cake (or perhaps you’ve decided to make one this year), you may have invited your child’s friends, bought the party food and the balloons, and purchased the presents, but you’re looking for something extra which will make your child’s birthday one they will remember.

Hiring a bouncy castle can be the icing on the cake that you’ve been looking for. Guaranteed to bring fun, excitement and laughter it can be the element to your child’s party which makes it memorable for years to come. Imagine your child’s delight when he sees a bouncy castle standing tall in the garden or in the hall you’ve hired for the occasion. When his friends arrive for the party the bouncy castle will have them occupied for hours and fun is certainly guaranteed. The bouncy castle not only gives them the opportunity to burn off all their excess energy, but the bouncy castle will let their imaginations run wild – one minute they’re playing a game of tag inside its ‘walls’; the next, the bouncy castle is an imagined safe retreat from a gang of fire-breathing dragons; then, it’s a princess’ fairy tale castle.

However your child and their friends choose to enjoy the bouncy castle, they are guaranteed to have hours of fun. Bouncy castles are available in a range of styles, which means that you can choose the one which will best suit your child. If your child’s favourite colour is pink and she loves the idea of enchanted fairy tale castles, perhaps you could choose the bouncy castle which is in her favourite colour and looks like a princess’ castle straight from her favourite story book or television show. Yet, if your child isn’t worried about colour, but loves the idea of slides and assault courses, there are bouncy castles which boast impressive slides and exciting assault courses which your child and their friends are guaranteed to love.

So if your child’s birthday is approaching and you’re looking to add something special to the celebration, why not consider hiring a bouncy castle? We have a range of Essex bouncy castles that promise to bring a smile to your child’s face for their birthday. Whichever bouncy castle you choose, it is bound to be hit with your child and their friends, and your child will cherish the memories of their special day for years to come.


Mega Leisure is an Essex based company specialising in bouncy castle hire, offering an extensive range of high quality bouncy castles and related products.

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