A China Cabinet, Finally!


I have always wanted a china cabinet for my dining area but I really had to wait a while coz of the size of the kitchen of the houses we’ve lived in. And of course, the affordable prize of a really nice looking cabinet. My kitchen/dining area in this house we are in now is still not the ideal size but it didn’t matter to me anymore. We’ve been planning to do some makeover anyway so for my birthday Scott finally got me my most coveted China Cabinet.


It looks soooo nice in the dining area. Not too big not too small but just the perfect size that fits nicely where it is now. The funny thing is I don’t have a china set to put in there yet. I do however have a lot of drinking paraphernalia, FIGURES! I have a set of gold-trimmed dinner and salad plates that I found in a Yard sale a couple of years ago so that’s good for now. I’m still in search of a really nice china set which right now is either country-floral or Asian design. It depends on what mood I’m in when I’m spending time searching on Ebay. They’re too expensive though so I plan on checking out a few Thrift store around here.

Let’s hope I find the set that I like for a reasonable price soon. Wish me luck!

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