3 Amazing Recipe Apps for the Home Cook

Every home cook will tell you that cooking is a learning process, and that you’ll continue to amass a wealth of recipes as you refine your cooking skill and style. While our parents and grandparents used to make binders and notebooks of all the recipes they’d discovered, home cooks of today have a better tool at their disposal: their smartphones.

Gaming Realms, the company that acquired Iceland Bingo in 2013 and won several awards for its innovations in mobile gaming, has stated that “growth in mobile internet is one of the most powerful trends in the internet landscape and the global smartphone and tablet installed base is expected to exceed the PC installed base during 2013.” With more than 17% of the world’s mobile users using smartphones, there are now apps available for just about any smartphone user out there.

This is great news to home cooks, who can now organize their loose recipe notes into beautiful catalogues, all with the help of their mobile phones. Here are some of the best apps for organizing recipes:


1. Big Oven

Boasting of a massive collection of 250,000 recipes, Big Oven has been downloaded over 10 million times. The app lets users migrate old recipes onto a digital database seamlessly, minimizing clutter and allowing for much easier and faster searches. The app lets you search through not just your own recipe book, but also the recipe books of others, so if you’re strapped for meal plans, a little help is only a few taps away. You can even “scan” old recipes onto the app if you’re feeling a little too lazy to type out all those details.


2. ChefTap

If you visit a lot of food blogs and like to scour the internet for new recipes, ChefTap may be a good choice for you. The app streamlines recipe collection by importing recipes from all of your favorite sites (and some of your favorite apps), giving you a dashboard full of different recipes from different sources, that you can look through on a hectic day. The best part? ChefTap also formats all the recipes into a format that can easily be read while working in the kitchen.


3. Epicurious

Nearly all home chefs will be familiar with award-winning food site Epicurious.com, but not everyone is familiar with their app! The Epicurious Recipe App is an ingenious app that has over 28,000 recipes, all kitchen-tested by professionals, and tagged and categorized so it’s easy to find what you need, when you need it. The app even has voice search options and voice commands, making it that much easier to use while cooking.

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