#NaBloPoMo 1: Am I Really Doing This?

NaBloPoMo_NovemberFor some unexplained reason this morning I thought about NaBloPoMo and debated whether I should join or not. I can’t even remember the last time I participated in this blogging activity. But as it is, I’ve been such a bore with my blogging in case you didn’t notice, HAH! I’ve been relying on a plugin that directs my Instagram pictures into blog posts. I haven’t really made any effort to write a decent blog entry in my personal blog. Well, I figured this 1 post per day for a whole month would get me out of my blogging “hiatus” so here it is.

Today is my son’s first day of the driving part of his Driver’s Ed. He just walked in actually from driving for 4 hours. He said he had fun so I guess that’s good news. Of course, Mama here was worried for 4 hours. I can’t help it. That’s my 1st born driving a car. I’m his Mom so I’m always going to be worried no matter what he’s doing. Not so worried that I won’t let him do anything. Of course not. It’s just a Mommy thing, I guess.

Meanwhile, Scott is starting his new job on Monday. Compare to the previous job that’s in contract, meaning his 6 months is coming to an end, this new one has more security in terms of longevity, pay, benefits, and for Scott to learn new things in his IT field.

Well, that’s all for now. I have 29 more days to talk about myself too and Emma for sure.

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