The Formal Dining Room I Have Always Wanted


The “open-concept” theme in houses these days is pretty popular. HGTV shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers, which I love by the way, are always busting walls during reno time to give their houses the open-concept feel. It’s great for entertaining and seeing everybody all in one encompassing room, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I love that idea too but every time the “open-concept” enters into the discussion I’m still hoping and wishing for a formal dining room. I love Rehab Addict‘s Nicole Curtis because of this. She restores and renovate old houses and she’s always preserving the dining room. I remember one episode where she actually discussed having a formal dining room and I remember yelling at my TV, “Thank You, Nicole.” That’s how much I love having a separate formal dining room.

Whenever we looked at houses in the past I’ve always added a separate dining room on my list. If it came down to it though that there wasn’t one but just a huge kitchen openly looking into a dining area I would live with it, somehow, but will be looking for an extra room to turn into a dining room, HAH!


So when we looked at this house, in the middle of all the clutter from the previous tenant while he was moving, I was so happy when I saw the separate dining area. It’s next to the kitchen but there are walls and doors to separate each room. I also immediately fell in love with the wallpaper. I think I hugged the damn wall when I first saw it. As the days went by while we went through the whole process of purchasing our home, I told my husband we are buying the house because of the wallpaper. Believe me when I say I was never a fan of wallpapers AT ALL. However, once I saw this floral textured wallpaper I was transported to the 1800s. I love the Victorian era. From the romance and the elaborate fashion, Le Sigh!




Finally, I’ve grouped my blue vases and put them at the very top of the china cabinet. Caine helped me with this task.


I don’t plan on putting any decorations into the wall. I think it’s perfect as is. I don’t want my husband’s drill touching that beautiful wall whatsoever. I do plan on adding a buffet table/mini-bar in that area sometime in the future though. Something simple to put Scott’s whiskey/scotch/etc, a couple of wine bottles with a few drinking glasses and a couple of wine glasses for easy access. Just a basic console table with maybe 2 bottom cabinets. I gotta hit the yard/garage sales during summer season for that.


That chandelier is going to be replaced. I found a prettier one from Lowe’s but I can’t afford to purchase it right now, HAH! Sometime soon.. My table has a middle leaf by the way so I can extend and make it bigger to accommodate more people.

More home interior posts coming soon….

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