Stairway Wall Gallery


When I started putting up wall decorations in our new house I’ve become obssessed with making everything straight. As in streamlined frames and everything. For someone like me who can’t allign stuff, I was having major OCD moments telling my husband this and that need to be straight. When I did the stairway gallery I just could not envision the frames assymetrical to follow the flow of the stairs. I was sweating profusely because I have fear of heights but there I was making sure every frames were aligned. Scott had to rescue me from it, HAH!


So this is how it looks right now. Straight, tall, and rectangular(or square?). I planned on adding into it as we grow of course and that’s probably when the look will change a bit. Unless I continue on in making everything perfectly aligned on the side, HAH!




I’m looking for something small to put above the beach picture of me and Emma. I just haven’t found the right size that wouldn’t overlap between the frames above and below it. Like I said, this wall gallery will grow. As soon as I get new frames and print more pictures, I’ll add more into the wall.

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