Presenting, Feistycook’s Pantry

I took a couple of quick snaps of my slightly full pantry the other week after doing the groceries. I figured I’d do it then before it’s empty again, HAH! I’m so happy that our new home have this space for groceries. I’ve always wanted a pantry and here it is. As you can see, I have more cookware/kitchen gadgets in it than food. Figures, right?

FYI, I have a 2-tier Lazy Susan shelf in one of the lower cabinets in the kitchen. That’s where all the seasonings, dried herbs, vinegar, oil, condiments, etc.. are stored just in case you’re looking for them. I’d love to take a picture of that too but maybe some other time.

Anyhooo, this pantry needs to be organized more. I’d love to have various pasta jars someday and maybe replace the flour/sugar canisters with white ones but these black and green sets would do for now. Overall, I do love my white pantry with French doors. Oh and YES. that’s SPAM.

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