#ThriftStoreFinds: Set Of 2 Foliage Frames For The Foyer


I finally found the perfect frames that would go nicely with the mirror, shelf, and decors in the foyer last Friday. Every time I visit a thrift store I’m always looking for something that would match the whole entryway look. Scott had to do something in Benson last week so I tagged along. After that we drove around a bit to see what’s in Benson since the only time we were there is when we’re at Pizza Hut and that’s mostly at night time. We found a place called Korner Flea Market. Ah, that place is a goldmine. Too many good stuff that I could get my hands on if I have extra moolah, HAH! I will definitely go back there again when I do have extra to spend.

Anyway, I found these foliage frames that were originally $22. The lady said she’ll sell us the items from that particular section of the store really cheap. That would have been the best time to haggle for everything but of course it wouldn’t feel right. Scott asked if she’ll take $10 for the frames and the lady agreed so, SOLD. The frames are wood and the combination of foliage print is paint and etchings. I just know they would be perfect for the foyer and they are.


I planned on putting a similar kind of foliage in the floral vase to give it some elevated and flowing look. It won’t be the exact same thing like the one on the frames because that’s probably hard to find but something tall, vine-ish, and most preferably along the lines of Fall decors. And yes, it would probably be plastic just so it would last for the entire Fall season. Then I will just update it to match the holidays and other upcoming seasons. That’s my new plan for this foyer.

More pictures of the completed look of this part of the foyer, after the fold.






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