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We’ve made these twice and we’re a little bit confused what to call them. Pizza Waffle or Waffle Pizza, either way it’s quick, easy, and with an extra marinara sauce on the side, they’re quite yummy and filling. By the way, my husband saw the recipe video of this somewhere and he just described it so I don’t have a specific link to it. To whomever came up with waffle pizza, all credits go to you.

Quick & Easy Waffle Pizza Or Pizza Waffle


  • 2 tubes jumbo biscuits
  • 1 bag pepperoni slices
  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • marinara sauce
  • cooking spray
  • waffle iron


  • Slice the pepperoni in quarters. Carefully slice a biscuit in the middle. Assemble the filling. On the first half of biscuit, place some marinara sauce, cheese, then pepperoni. Place the other half on top. Repeat the process for all the biscuits.
  • Heat up the waffle iron. Once it’s ready, spray with cooking oil. Place the assembled biscuit in the middle. Gently press the waffle iron’s cover down. Flip it just like making a regular waffle. Cook that for less than 2 minutes. DO NOT wait for the indicator light to say it’s ready. It cooks fast so keep an eye out to avoid burning the waffle pizza. Repeat the process.

Another variation you can do with the biscuits which we did the second time we made these is to roll 1 biscuit into a flat round, add the fillings, roll another biscuit out then place that on top of the other half. Gently press the waffle iron close then flip it. Don’t put too much filling.

Kids love these. Feel free to use or add other pizza fillings like sausage or ham. A marinara sauce dip on the side makes the waffle pizza even better.

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