WANTED: Free Makeover For My Kitchen AKA The Compromise


I love our house. It’s not one of those newly built homes with all the high-tech/modern amenities known to men. It was built around the 70’s. Nevertheless, it has everything I’ve wanted in a house. 2-story home with lots of space, 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, an office, a large living room, library, fireplace, a formal dining room, a garage, an attic, a deck, large backyard, a large frontyard, ample storage space, and a nice kitchen. Ah, the kitchen. As a person who LOVES to cook and a foodblogger to boot, you’d expect that I’d be buying a house with a dreamy kitchen.

When I’m pinning stuff in my Pinterest, I find myself drawn to the kitchen pictures. You can hear me oooh and ahhhhh at every picture while I click “pin.” My dream kitchen would have to have the upgraded appliances starting from the gas stove, fridge, oven, microwave, double sink, and dishwasher. A granite countertop, a long island with chairs, and enough cabinets and drawwers to drive me insane. A corner nook for a mini bar, of course. My dream kitchen is also going to have a big space for a dine-in table. The formal dining room would be in a separate room next to the kitchen. I have a dream look for that too but that’s another post on its own.(Feistycook, 2012)

Well, I didn’t get that kitchen with our house. I had to forget my dream kitchen in favor of the location(didn’t have to move to a different school district) and price of the house. We got an AWESOME deal with our house considering the HUGE space that came with it. Our loan is basically the exact price of the house so there were no extra moolah to play around with to do anything with the kitchen. I’ve called my kitchen THE COMPROMISE. I didn’t have a problem at all purchasing our home because of the small kitchen. I just found it ironic that of all the things I’d be willing to sacrifice when we finally signed our lives to a mortgage plan, it is my dream kitchen. In fact, it was this one detail that my husband and I laughed about during the whole process of buying our first and most probably our last home. I mentioned the latter because unless I win the lottery tomorrow or next month or next year, we WILL grow old in this house.



Seriously, that’s all the counter space I have in this kitchen. We were going to get a large stainless steel 2-door fridge but alas, it would be too big for the fridge section. The saving grace of this kitchen though is that there are plenty of cabinets. Albeit the dated hardware, there’s enough room for everything. There’s also a separate huge pantry in the hallway.


Here’s the other side of my kitchen, the laundry area. The dishwasher plug is behind the dryer. Our washer and dryer are too big for this space but whatever, it’ll do for now.


There’s a way to add a counter space around this laundry area but we’d have to get rid of the washer and dryer to make room for a smaller set with a front-loader washer. Scott doesn’t want to sell our set though because it is a nice set and we won’t get the same amount of money we paid for it or to pay for a new set. Yeah I know, #FirstWorldProblems, HAH!


On the other side of this kitchen is this nice area which I turned into a breakfast nook. I bought this shape of table specifically from a Thrift/Antique store because it fits the corner and it doubles as an extra counter space for when I need to roll a dough.


We could actually build a counter space plus cabinets in this area if and when we can afford it.


There is a way for us to extend this kitchen by knocking that wall by the sink and opening that door then utilize half of the deck. I could then move the breakfast nook area to that side which will overlook the backyard which hopefully will have a pool by next Summer. We can build a long counter space, move the sink to that left side as well as the door that would lead to the other half of deck and backyard. A decent size island would occupy the middle. I could then use the old breakfast area for more counter space + cabinets or maybe move the pantry there or build a mini-bar. OMG, I have ideas and it’s driving me crazy because I have NO MONEY to do it. CRAPOLA!!!


That would leave us extra space to frame this laundry area and maybe build like a sliding barn door or a closet to hide the washer and dryer. POSSIBILITIES, I tell you.

The thing is, we’re going to need a budget to execute all of these plans. A budget that we don’t have. As in, NADA ZILCH ZERO. I don’t need a complete gut of the kitchen. I just want an extra counter space and a way to hide the washer and dryer and hopefully hook a dishwasher too. Even with that small job though I’d probably need at least $15-$20K.


I wasn’t going to share my kitchen until next year because I’m waiting to get a roller island that would surely give me that extra counter space I want and need so badly. I told Scott that’s what I want for Christmas. Scott is also going to build something to hide the washer and dryer plugs. That’s been bugging me a lot lately so he finally gave me his plan that would hide the plugs plus the trash can as well. These two would be our temporary solution for this kitchen until we can find the money to “fix” it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a functional kitchen and laundry area which is why I compromised to it.

Now if only either Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict or Chip & Joanna of Fixer Upper or The Property Brothers or Josh Temple of House Crashers or Alison Victoria of Kitchen Crashers would MIRACULOUSLY walk into my life to tell me they’re remodeling my sad-looking kitchen compromise for FREE then all my problems will be solved. And when I say FREE I mean no hidden costs that will suddenly pop up during or after the process that I all of a sudden finding myself sued for by HGTV on a Judge Judy or People’s Court episode. Yup, my imagination runs wild. It helps me deal with having to compromise to this kitchen of our home that I LOVE SO MUCH. I just need more counter space and a pretty way to hide the washer & dryer plugs 😀

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