Emma Series: She Says The Funniest Things

One of the perks, if you could call it that way, of having a child with Autism is the honest, literal, and funny way they interpret or comprehend words. These are precious and hilarious moments in our household so I figured I’d start a series here to share that laughter with you all. Hopefully it will brighten your day as it does ours. Live a little, laugh a little.


A few weeks ago I made the mistake of telling her she could do her Math addition with her eyes closed which means it’s easy therefore she could do it as easily as well. I completely forgot how she takes things literally so these days she busts my chops by doing her homework with her eyes closed, LITERALLY!


Yes it’s Fall season and a bit chilly in the morning so we wear sweaters while waiting for the bus. Well, Caine likes to wear his new thick jacket that’s meant for NC winter. In true Emma fashion, she told her brother how the Earth is hot yet he’s wearing a jacket. A sweater or a hoodie would suffice is actually what she wants to tell her brother because you know, the Earth is only hot not completely freezing. OI!

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