My First DIY Chalkboard


I have been wanting to make chalkboards since we’ve moved into our house which FYI has been a year now. Visiting Pinterest will give you all sorts of ideas for chalkboard decors so I definitely have plenty in mind. I finally got my first tube of chalkboard paint from Michael’s. I don’t plan on going overboard(yet) so a small tube is fine for now. I was only going to make one for my dining room anyway. However, a slight upgrade in the living room prompted me to make this impromptu chalkboard. We got a bigger flat screen TV and I worriedly agreed to mount it into the wall. I really wasn’t looking forward to staring at wires hanging all over the wall but Scott masterfully worked around it to make me happy. Everything is nicely tucked but there’s still a little bit that needs to be hidden. That’s where a frame comes in handy. In our case, a DIY chalkboard which I figured I could write on with stuff whenever an idea comes in.


I started off with this piece of wood from an old bookshelf.


If you’re going to make a chalkboard make sure to read the instructions from the chalkboard paint. I gave it one coat of the paint, horizontal stroke. I’ve let it dry for 3 hours. 1 hour is fine but I wanted to make sure it was completely dry before the 2nd coat.


This is how it looks like after 2nd coat using vertical stroke and cured for 24 hours. What is curing? Basically leaving it alone to dry for 24 hours.


Before writing on the chalkboard, condition it by lightly brushing a chalk all over it. Clean it up with a dry cloth. Chalk paint instruction says a wet cloth is ok as well.


I have a frame coming in by Friday to cover up the holes from the old frame that were there before the flat screen upgrade. That black contraption and white thing are holding the old antenna wires(plus the TV wires) before we decided to get our cable back. We’re just going to leave it there just in case we get sick of how the cable company is sucking us dry and decide to just stick with network channels plus Hulu and Netflix again, HAH!

I can definitely “LIVE LAUGH LOUNGE” with this setup. And I’m sure I’ll find stuff to decorate the TV stand in the coming weeks.

PS: Ignore my purple weights. I was multitasking when I took these pictures. I was getting ready to work out and I always watch the shows I’ve missed when I do my toning/sculpting exercises. LUCIFER on FOX is quite charming :).

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