New Gardeners: BEFORE Pictures

frontgarden1 frontgarden2

A year into being new homeowners, we’re also new gardeners. This is one of the home projects we planned and found quite rewarding. Although we moved into our house early March of last year which was actually a good time to start gardening and landscaping, we held off on it and waited ’till this year. Previous owner of the house left me a nice rose garden so I am very happy about that. More on that in a bit. These two in-ground beds are up front. Both sides used to have some green plants but some were dying so Scott took them out last year to prepare for this year’s garden plans. These pictures were from March. I figured I’d do a BEFORE post and then AFTER post in a few months to show progress. We got hit by Spring frost a couple of weeks ago and somehow these are thriving. I planted gladioli bulbs close to where the brick wall is. I’m happy to say they are surprisingly growing really fast. I thought I’ll have to wait longer but not at all as it turns out. Other plants in these areas are gerbera daisies, marigolds, 2 kinds of impatiens, azalea, hypoestes, and snapdragons. We’re going to plant more in these beds sometime. I’m actually thinking of replanting the hypoestes and impatiens in the pig planter that I have in the back deck coz I think they’ll look better in an elevated container. So, that’s my plan.

endlesssummerhydrangeas-march25th pinkhydrangeas-march25th

These are my hydrangeas that were beautifully blooming until the Spring frost did its damage. I am still hoping they will recover somehow to thrive in the coming years. I might have planted them too early so it’s my fault. Hey, new gardener, right? I see new branches sprouting from the stems so hopefully that’s a sign of new life. I’ll just keep crossing my fingers everyday.


There used to be a koi pond here but Scott removed it a couple of months ago. There was just too much maintenance into it that we really don’t want to be bothered with. Plus, it’s located at the back of the house where no one would see anyway. We ended up with a lot of rocks and concrete blocks which we’ve reused as a fire pit and borders.


Around the deck and on the other side. This empty space is for either hydrangeas or azaleas. We’re just waiting for extra money to play around with and you never know, a sale on the plants we want for this corner. The green pig thing was made out of a propane tank. Caine created it for a school project a few years ago. Scott was just going to scrap it but I insisted on keeping it. I think it would look cute with some violets or impatiens or maybe even marigolds and daisies.

crepemyrtle1 crepemyrtle2

These are the crepe myrtle up front which Scott bordered with the extra rocks and then mulched just for an added texture.


This is the rose garden with different colors of roses. We planted 2 new ones, white and peach. There’s a total of 10 roses in this plot. I can’t wait to see all the roses come to life. They gave me good ones last summer but the son of the previous owner of this house did something to this area so it doesn’t look much right now. Rose plants are resilient though and they’re doing perfectly fine even after the Spring frost. Also, we’re going to lay down a weed blocker, mulch, and white fencing all around. This rose garden is going to get a really pretty makeover so even if it does’t look much right now I’m sharing it too. The AFTER picture will be better.

herbcorner2 herbcorner4

This is my makeshift herb corner using the concrete blocks from the koi pond. I only have tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and mint from last year. Scott thinks it’s weird but I think it’s cute. Maybe next year I’ll get serious about having a “real” herb garden or on of those Garden Tower Project but for now, this would do.

So this is what we have right now. There’s still one side of the house that we’re thinking of planting more azaleas in. We’re also thinking of more azaleas along the property. Plus, there is one area upfront with luscious greenery. We thought of taking them out too but I’m also considering planting something in between them. I’m thinking perhaps hibiscus. Around this summer we’re also going to frame the end of the driveway with an L-shaped fence, mulch, and forsythia plants. Lots of plans and we’re just so glad to be able to do it with our own home. One of the joys of being a homeowner.

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