Last Flower Batch For My Spring/Summer Garden Therapy


This is the 3rd and I’m thinking last batch of flowers that I’ve added to the front/back garden for this year’s Spring/Summer season. This whole thing adds up rather quickly and all we need to do now is pretty much wait for everything to bloom and do whatever the nature intended them to do. By the way, do you like my compost container? Old coffee grounds and egg shells combo.


I turned this empty space of the side deck, where a koi pond used to be, into my own little garden station. The weather was wonky yesterday but thankfully it didn’t last long so I figured I might as well get my gardening fix on since the best time to do it is in the late afternoon anyway. Scott helped by transferring the large petunias into the urns. They’re by the front door side by side. I planted gladiolus bulbs in the back deck then planted the rest in two barrels with wild flowers. I’m hoping to get gladiolus flowers in the middle then colorful wild flowers around the edge. Hopefully it’ll work out, Hah! I planted more marigolds, gerbera daisies, and zinias up front. The hydrangeas were planted out in the back adjacent to this area.


I also planted sunflowers seeds in the back so hopefully they’ll survive. Well, I hope they’ll all thrive and give our house some lovely colors and views by summertime and for all of my hydrangeas to produce beautiful mopheads for life. #CrossingMyFingers


While this is the last flower batch for this season, I do have plans for autumn gardening. Per my research since I’m a new gardener, tulips and anemones are best planted around the autumn season to produce luscious growth by the following spring. I didn’t know that so I have bags of bulbs stored in brown paper bags chilling in the vegetable crisper right now. If you’re an uninformed gardener like me and wondering what to do with tulip bulbs that you can’t plant right now, do the chilling process I just mentioned and let them chill for 12 weeks. Good luck to us and happy planting by September or October.

Furthermore, although this is the last batch for flowers, I still have a vegetable garden to plan and execute. I’m going to need to transplant tomatoes, green onions, green beans, and if they germinate, bitter gourd/ampalaya soon. We’ve finally decided on the perfect spot in the back where it gets full sunshine. We’ll just need to prepare the ground sometime this weekend.

Seriously, this whole gardening thing is so new to me and Scott but we are so into it. We’re just grateful that we have our own property to finally do it. This is our first year so it’s basically trial and error and a lot of patience and crossing our fingers. I’m good at doing the latter but having patience? The struggle is real on that end.

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