Sick & Tired Of Reading Philippine Political Posts… I’m Looking At My Flowers


Thanks Carol, I’m going to look at my flowers while social media is going nuts over the recent election in the Philippines and while the VP race is super tight that friendships are in danger of turning into walking zombies and common sense is slowly becoming null and void.

Anyway, I received these flowers from my husband for our 19th Anniversary this past May 5th. The man surely gets me. I screamed when I opened the trunk in the car and found these hanging plants all for me.



Yellow Zinias and Begonias. I was going to transfer them into a moss hanging planter but they’re too heavy so I decided to put them in the front steps. They sure add colors next to the petunia planters.


These are the impatiens planters. Scott moved the other one by the deck so I can look at it from the kitchen.

If all 4 of these survive, I’m thinking of transplanting into the ground around the fall. They would look really nice in between the green shrub we have in the front side of the house. Hopefully they’ll survive the summer heat.

Yup, flowers are better than reading all the political drama on Facebook and Twitter. I need all of these to flourish in time for US’ November election!

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