Our High School Graduate


I’ve just realized that Caine’s age coincides with how long I have been blogging online. Well, technically we called it online journals before. Around late 90’s and early 2000s. Caine was born in 1998 and I know I have been sharing his pictures and writing here and there with a bunch of friends for practically 18 years.


It is just but apropos that I share some of my son’s high school graduation in my blog. Yes, last week was his graduation and basically the start of his entry to adulthood. He’s got a job now but as far as what he wants to do for the rest of his life, well, he doesn’t know yet. He is taking his time this summer to think about college and work or joining the Air Force. I get stressed out a lot thinking about what he wants to do but I’m supposed to just relax and let him figure it out somehow. I’m the control freak Mama who needs to know about plans and all that jazz so I can help steer him towards the right direction. That would be the ideal situation of course.




So, we’ll see what happens after summer. Until then, here’s to a stress-free stay-cation.

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