Benjamin Alves & Janine Gutierrez On CNN Philippines Life


An excerpt from CNN Life…

Gutierrez admits that she feels more of an actress when she’s doing independent films. “I’ve always had a really high respect for indie directors, writers, and actors because it’s something that you really have to do for the love,” she says. “It’s not about popularity or money. It’s really about getting your story across and showing a side of whoever’s story you’re portraying.”

There’s also the added pressure of just simply starring in an independent film; the sole weight that people attach to it can be daunting, particularly now that Cinemalaya and other local film festivals have proven the boundaries of what non-commercial cinema can do. “Feeling ko, especially ‘pag indie, baby ‘yan ng director eh, or ng producer or writer. It’s a really personal project. To be invited to that is such an honor. I guess the whole environment of Cinemalaya… when you’re working with amazing people, it can’t help but inspire you more and lift you up.”

For Alves, this is also an opportunity for actors to take their fans and audiences, who would only watch them on television, to behold the new frontiers of local filmmaking.

“I think now we’re close to bridging the gap [between indie and television],” he says. “Now they’re getting directors from [indies]… Jerrold Tarog did “Heneral Luna” and it was amazing. I think the cinemas are more aware of it now, people on social media are more vocal about it. Sana nga maging isa na lang. Beginning of 2000s, the disparity, talagang polar opposites. Now, it’s getting there. I know for a fact that some of our audience, and Janine’s also, our fans are going to watch the movie, and I’m glad that they will be watching the film… and that they’re going to see a different side of us, and also see a different side of storytelling.”

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