#Autism: McDonald’s French Fries, Oh How Emma Loves Thee!


My family stopped eating at fast food places for a while now except for when I would occasionally grab an iced coffee or caramel mocha while on the road but that’s about it. Occasionally means during the once-a-month stop at the drive-thru for the kids’ once-a-month McDonald’s treat. If I’m being nice, twice-a-month, HAH! No offense to McDonald’s and all other fast food chains of course but I just prefer home cooked meals and well, I love cooking too. If we ever dine out, I prefer to sit in a nice family restaurant with a nice ambiance and all that jazz. We don’t dine out that often as it is.


So anyway, on those sporadic stops at McDonald’s, my daughter who’s a very picky eater have fallen in love with McDonald’s french fries. But then again, who isn’t in love with their damn fries? Even I will admit that McDonald’s fries is the best. The amount of times I hear about McDonald’s fries from my daughter on a daily basis is insane.

So yeah, Mom, that McDonald’s french fries….. all greasy…. my favorite…. I love McDonald’s French Fries…..Can I have McDonald’s French Fries for dinner…..Mom, can you make me french fries like McDonald’s?……The fries is not yellow like McDonald’s……..You need to cut the potatoes like McDonald’s fries….It’s crispy fries though, not like McDonald’s……


If this is your first time here, my daughter has Autism. Just like some kids with Autism, she’s very picky with food. Her usual picks are pizza, spaghetti, tacos, tuna sandwich, chicken nuggets, cottage cheese, couscous, cheese quesadilla, some fruits which I always incorporate with her meal, and now adding McDonald’s French Fries into the list. She would eat half of cheese burger once in a while but that would involve a lot of coaxing. She also ate chicken and rice a few weeks ago which just surprised us completely so hey, we’re not complaining. With the exception of tacos, pizza, and spaghetti, I pretty much have to make Emma a separate meal every night. It is what it is. “Eat or Starve” doesn’t work with Autism families so making that argument with me or any other families is a moot point. Just FYI!


She’s been anxious lately about going back to school so I thought I’d surprise her with large McDonald’s French Fries last night. I asked Daddy to pick her up a large fries to go along with a chicken nugget Happy Meal on his way home from work. Her smile when she saw what Daddy brought home was PRICELESS. She actually didn’t finish all of these during dinner though but she went back to it after riding her scooter. I think she’s good for the month :).

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