#Autism: Encouraging My Daughter To Be A “YouTuber”


We were sitting in the couch one night a few months ago watching some funny video that Scott found and in the midst of Emma’s uninhibited laughter she said “I want to be a Youtuber.” For someone who doesn’t like being videotaped/recorded whathaveyous, that was a pretty brave statement coming from her. The thing is, she likes to record stuff but doesn’t like being in it. She prefers to be the videographer.

When we gave Caine a new phone as a high school graduation gift, Emma inherited my old 4S. She was so happy having her own iPhone that she recorded pretty much everything. I had to remind her a few times to slow down because she doesn’t have that much space on her phone. She shot some pretty cute videos though and I had a hard time deleting most of it just to make room on her phone.

Now I’m in a position where I want to encourage her to do what she likes because as it is, she’s not into the regular stuff that other girls her age are into. I wish I could enroll her in ballet, dance, or baseball. I mean I could for recreation and socialization purposes but there are not really anything nearby that caters to kids with Autism. She likes horseback riding but of course it’s expensive. As ideal as it sounds for children with Autism to be included in mainstream activities, it doesn’t really exist. What if Emma’s sensory kicks in and starts having a meltdown? Can the people handle it? Then there’s the fairness issue. It’s not fair for other kids to be distracted by my child when their parents are paying good money to be part of these classes. That’s the hard reality that most parents with Autistic children have to live with. As much as we want our children to be included, trust me when I say we feel really bad when sensory and meltdown arise. If only there’s a place in every part of State where children with Autism could be in different classes such as dance, art, sports, etc, where they could just be themselves, where their parents don’t have to be called, where all employees are highly trained not to mention compassionate and patient to handle any kind of issues that might come up, one way or another. And most importantly, where parents don’t have to scrape up every pennies they have just to afford it. There are a lot of Autism fund raising events but I think most of that are going to research. Nothing is really being put into NOW and how we could actually enroll our children. There are a few programs in some States but I can imagine how much it costs. In our case, aside from the cost, it’s like 1-2 hours drive distance. If I win the lottery, I would build such a place like that and hire every trained professionals imaginable. Until then, my options are limited.

I figured I’d start a You Tube channel for Emma under my account and upload her videos there. Scott was worried about that and we had a small discussion about it. I understood his hesitation. The internet is very bad these days, for lack of a better word. Everyone is an expert on social media. I had to explain to him that of course, it’ll be private and limited to family and close friends only. That of course I’d watch the channel like a hawk. I just want Emma to feel proud of herself because she’s doing something she likes. She’s shy and everything so it’s a big deal when she takes that initiative herself. All I could do is help build her confidence by encouraging her to be a “YouTuber,” whatever that means, regardless of whether she goes viral or becomes famous, HAH!

When I told Emma what I was going to do she got so excited she started talking about comments and the likes she’ll get. Then she got worried that people might not like her so I assured her that of course everyone will like her and her videos. She’s funny and her videos are too. Like this one 🙂

When she has enough videos(I mean when I’m done editing them all) then maybe I’ll share some with family members and friends, really nice friends whom I know would help me encourage my daughter to do what she loves doing.

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