James Reid & Nadine Lustre In Greece For MEGA September 2016


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A collision of epic proportions unlike any other, two of the biggest and brightest forces in the local show business plane, James Reid and Nadine Lustre come together for a moment of a lifetime as they discover the old world glory of Athens and the precious gem that is Santorini. Unprecedented and unparalleled, we trace their love story from the very beginning and follow it to the present, all while navigating the winding paths of modern-day Greece to chase stories, new chapters and to the young lover’s delight, the Santorini sunset.

Big, bright and bold, flip through this month’s issue for everything you need in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and yes, even love.
MEGA is available exclusively in National Book Store starting September 7.

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Sweeping landscapes of sun-draped white walls and blue domes, expansive views of the glassy Aegean sea and memories of a warm welcome beckons as we present to you the Big Fashion Issue.

A story of emergence that could rival that of the mythical gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, Nadine Lustre breezes through the snaking island of Santorini in a selection of fall-ready numbers in Hellenic blue and white. Opening up about an uncertain past, Nadine steps into a thriving present with grounded principles as she looks on to a future that is brighter than ever before.

Big, bright and bols, flip through this month’s issue for everything you need in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and yes, maybe even love.


Red alert: It’s finally here.
Beat the punishing sun and snake through the narrow Greek alleyways with James Reid as he navigates through one of fall’s top trends in Santorini. Bright, bold and brave, James Reid peels excessive layers to reveal a young man shaped by life’s circumstances and yes, love.

This is James Reid and fall fashion in full disclosure.

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