My Fireplace For Fall 2016


From this past 3-day Labor Day weekend came a whole lot of relaxing, eating, wine, folding laundry while binge watching Netflix’s NARCOS, and fall decorating. I had at one point a brain fart because I couldn’t decide what to do with the mantel so I paused while I dealt with the laundry. In the midst of digging socks to match, somehow someway an idea came to mind.


VOILA! The reason I was having a hard time in the first place is because I originally planned on hanging fall garland underneath the mantel hence the hooks being there. Damn garlands just would not look the way I want them though and I wasn’t about to put more hooks in the mantel to make it work.





Simple, just the way I like it. I kept staring at it because it’s actually lovely if I say so myself but Scott thought I was doubting myself so he kept reassuring me it’s fine the way it is. And I totally agree!

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