#Autism Friendly Product: Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces


When we did Emma’s back-to-school shopping at Burke’s Outlet, we saw a lot of cool pairs of sneakers. And when I say cool, I meant they’re very colorful just the way Emma likes her stuff. The problem was, the ones with her size did not have velcro straps or are not slip on. The pair of Saucony sneakers she liked has the most fluorescent green color shoe laces I’ve ever seen. She loved it so much because according to her, “it makes her run faster.” Even though she has a hard time tying laces we still bought it. The solution to our minor problem is Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces.


We’ve read articles about this product before being particularly perfect for kids with Autism. The laces are elastic cords with spring lock so it’s easy to pull and lock once Emma puts on her sneakers. Lock Laces are very affordable too compare to the other Autism friendly product, Hickies, which are more like clips. Not to ruin Emma’s excitement over the green colored laces we bought the sour apple green laces. So she has the sneakers she loves with the elastic no-tie lace and I don’t have to worry about her tripping over untied laces when she’s at school. Thank you, Lock Laces!

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