#ThriftStoreFinds: Frames For Spring & Summer


While perusing Boleka’s store last Saturday, Scott saw this set of butterfly LIVE LOVE frames and showed them to me. He knew I’d love them because well, butterflies. Plus, I have a lot of LIVE LOVE LAUGH stuff practically in every corner of our home.


I saw this set as well so I knew right away I was buying both sets. My dear husband sarcastically joked that we have plenty of wall space to hang them around to which I said, of course we do, HAH! As a matter of fact, I have a whole guest room upstairs I really need to finish decorating soon. 😉

I’ve thought about it though and decided to leave the guest room for now. I have plans of what I want to decorate it with to match the bed. I’ve already started a floral wall gallery in there and I’m going to continue that theme. I just need to slowly but surely find the perfect items before I finish it. The decals from KC Doodle Art would go there most probably. I want to frame them though instead of just sticking ’em into the wall.

So anyway, since I’ve made that decision for the guest bedroom, I thought I could do some rearranging in the living room and library for these frames. However, I don’t feel like putting more holes into the wall so I’ve made the final decision to save them for Spring and Summer seasons. They would go nicely in the mantel once those seasons rolls around. By the way, both sets were $14.

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