How I Decorated My Stick Ladder


Scott said he could’ve made me a stick ladder for a much cheaper price as he loaded this in the trunk. And he was right. He could’ve made me not just 1 but probably 10 more stick ladders if I asked him to. But I didn’t think about asking him because he was busy with school, work, and hunting. He’ll do/make things when I ask him but I just want him to relax when it’s time for him to relax.


I found this stick ladder from an antique store around my birthday. I wish I found it before Christmas because I could’ve decorated this with lights, garlands, and whatnots. Pinterest sure have a lot of cute ideas on how to decorate a stick ladder. I would consider all of those in the future but for now I’ve decided to use it to hang the kids’ knitted blankets from Grandma Wharton.


It is perfect in this corner part of the foyer.


The numbers in the chalkboard frames are our birthdays. They were in the office before but I did some changes in that room so I moved these here. More on that some other time. These blankets are special because they’re made by Scott’s Grandmother who passed away last year. The kids are not using them anymore and they’re just stored in a box so I figured I’d hang them as an honor to her. I think they look cozy in that corner too.


I wouldn’t mind having another stick ladder to put in the living room so maybe I’d ask Scott to make me one or 2 😀 .

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